[eDebate] Is edebate still needed?

Darren Elliott delliott
Sun Oct 26 18:03:10 CDT 2008

Not speaking for Gordon, but I bet like me, he follows the same morning (well for me honestly its afternoon) routine as I.  Wake up, rub the sleep from our eyes, wonder what the press is saying about debate today, sit up, and then THANK our respective diety that we are NOT the boss of Jason Russell.  It makes our job easier and more pleasant.  We have great sympathy for Jackie.

And personally I would never want to lose the ability to see Jason/Josh/Scott in their electronic sandboxes kicking dirt at each other.  It kinda makes me giggle.  

Wondering who released my super secret organizational imperative doctrine to Russell?  

Always a fan of Bear and I have missed him for too long.


Jason Russell wrote:
Yeah, I like eDebate better than a forum run by the organization. Gordon and 
Chief aren't the boss of me and I don't want them to run some censored list 
about debate. Their organizational imperatives don't really match with my 
needs to occasionally make fun of Josh Hoe or Scott Elliot using naughty 
Also, Old Strega, bro, shut up. 


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