[eDebate] Is edebate still needed?

M G malgorthewarrior
Sun Oct 26 19:10:27 CDT 2008

Hells yeah it is.

There are past, present, and future organizational leaders in CEDA who hate parts of edebate and would love to ban certain people/content from the list.  That seems to be a real possibility if CEDA is running the electronic show.  Then we have a situation where many members of the community are excluded from discussion over issues that are directed at them.

CEDA should never regulate content of argument, in either a round or an open forum like edebate.  I see CEDA using the fact that they run the new site as an excuse to exclude content they deem inappropriate so they don't catch a bad rap.  

You'd be surprised how quickly people involved in debate will argue to close the "marketplace of ideas" we seem to value to much.  

I would be satisfied with edebate closing down if the CEDA site had little to no regulation on who can post and what they can post.

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