[eDebate] Is edebate still needed?

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Sun Oct 26 19:38:50 CDT 2008

I prefer the CEDA forums purely on the basis of organization.

Exclusion is bad, but organization into relevant forums is good.  A bulletin board system is good.  The edebate discussion tends to grandiloquent margins now.  The primary speakers generally believe they have a Big Important Idea That Will Change The Whole Community Forever.  Interrupting the conspiracy metldown or identity throwdown to discuss T or CP competition just feels weird and wrong.

**If you electronically put everyone in one big room, the only speakers you'll hear will be on soapboxes.**  

I'm often just as interested in quieter voices.  Incremental evolution in debate theory and practice interest me as much as storming the White House, identity politics and banning debate.  Bulletin boards facilitate seminars instead of demagoguery.

The current system builds in its own exclusions.  All discussions do.  It's just a question of which exclusions you prefer.


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