[eDebate] genius josh discredits professor vaughn

Seth T. Ellsworth sethellsworth
Wed Oct 29 02:25:22 CDT 2008

Not only was Andrew Jackson the son of a squaw and a mulatto he was also a
"a fraud, a coward, a thief, and "a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow." Now I
could care less about his race but I am not in favor of low-lived people. I
mean come on. He was also a coward. This is all very fucking important.
I have to say that 1)who really gives a flying fuck about any of this shit.
2)I would welcome a "radical islamicist president" because we need some more
crazy shit in the world and I live in Wyoming. None of this shit really
matters to me at all.
3) anyone who votes soley on the basis of race is probably not the smartest
voter in the world, so who cares if Obama is the first "black" president or
not. People vote because of stupid shit all the time. I mean, we voted for
W. twice and he has the lowest approval ratings like you know ever, so good
choice america.
American Africanus. Thats hilarious. I saw a guy at the bar tonight that
looked like Abram Lincoln. It was great but he had poofy hair. It made me
want to vote for Ralph Nadar because I don't like people that hide their
Seriously Old Strega, WHO gives A shit? I know I am feeding the trolls, but
you are walking into a bar in Laramie and telling us that drinking and
cowboys are bad. Or walking into a church and saying jesus was a child
molestor. Even if you truely believe the shit you are saying, you are
talking to a crowd that wouldn't believe you if you pulled an Obama
Communist Party registration card out of your pocket. Go play somewhere
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