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Josh jbhdb8
Wed Oct 29 12:22:33 CDT 2008

1. Was not a bad response, the point is and was that Obama has been socially
constructed black his whole life while Jefferson was a slave owner.  Acting
as if Obama should not consider himself the first black president because
Jefferson et al were black but socially recognized as white is stupid and
silly.  Challenging white history to make progress is one thing...using a
challenge to white history to challenge a black man who is going to win the
Presidency is out of context...Your author would never agree with your

2. You are a gas bag.  Anytime anyone argues with you all you do is insult
them.  You could care less about debate....all you care about is everyone
hearing your point of view and constantly aggrandizing yourself.  I half
suspect you march around your room in a generals outfit maybe taking
pictures of yourself in the mirror after each insult laden, non-responsive,
gasbag response.


3. I refuse to continue this discussion just like I would if Rush Limbaugh
started using "racial realism" arguments to justify his racism.  You can
march around edebate talking about how you "beat the hell out of Hoe" but,
like usual, the only person who will be clapping will be you....probably
with a video camera set up...so you can replay it again and again...and
change the angles so you can see all the ways you look "so amazing"


On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 10:36 AM, Old Strega <oldstrega at hotmail.com> wrote:

> he tried to spin his first bad reply.   now, he's silent on edebate but
> crying on backchannel about me being a "gas bag".    according to the
> edebate record, josh is the gas bag who doesn't know what he has said or the
> effects of what he has said.
> "nobody get too excited about that Obama, I know those early
> Presidents looked white...and they owned slaves....but they were really
> black...see, "
> those early presidents, lincoln, coolidge and harding owned slaves.   bad
> argument.    josh can't defend the bad generic disclaimer he tried to use to
> dismiss the claims professor vaughn, dr. bakhufu and rogers that fly in the
> face of his television understanding of african-american history promoted by
> obama.
> "they were really black" -- that's vaughn, bakhufu and rogers.
> you can get excited josh about another half black president but you need to
> stop pretending that your sarcasm did not have the effect of undermining the
> analysis of media disenfranchised african-american scholars which claims
> obama to be #6.
> josh appears to me to be one of those white guilt folks being manipulated
> by the obama campaign into the idea of a watershed, cleansing inauguration.
>   his emotional needs have led him into shitty arguments.
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