[eDebate] the abraham lincoln cartoons were not social constructions

Josh jbhdb8
Wed Oct 29 23:36:01 CDT 2008

Once again insult me, everyone is a moron, except for the great brain
President Stroube.

Thank goodness you are here to save us all (like flash gordon) in your cute
generals clothing....I bet there are lots of medals on your hand stiched
robe (which looks suspiciously like an old bath robe but I am sure its the
finest silk).

All Hail President stroube, he will save every one of us....savior of the
universe....you can play that back and re-read it if the sound of your own
clapping gets too old.

The CNN interview was so fun, I just talked and talked about all the
education I was getting from that little known political genius Old Strega
the alter ego for the super hero President Stroube,


On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 12:25 AM, Old Strega <oldstrega at hotmail.com> wrote:

> i just saw a show on CNN where a white scholar from the university of
> michigan named josh joe has just defined social constructions as not
> including political cartoons.
> this significance of this novel definition, from a self-proclaimed
> non-narcissist, is that obama remains in the eyes of all sheep THE FIRST
> SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED BLACK PRESIDENT, a stellar argument in light of the
> insignificance of political cartoons.   hoe insists that he does not work
> for the obama campaign and that his new definition of a "social
> construction"  has nothing to do with preserving obama's place in the
> popular imagination.   CNN reaffirms the story you all heard in school: the
> majority of people in abraham lincoln's time thought he was white.   obama
> is still unique and not an egomaniac overhyping his place in black history.
> http://www.bluecorncomics.com/2008/09/our-black-and-indian-presidents.html
> Lincoln's presidential opponents made cartoon drawings depicting him as a
> Negro and nicknamed him "Abraham Africanus the First."
> hoe's greatest contribution to scholarship yet is the fact that nobody ever
> looked at cartoons in lincoln's time.   cartoons were considered works of
> the devil.
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