[eDebate] On GLOBAL DEBATE in August 2008

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Mon Sep 1 14:11:34 CDT 2008

If you want to follow the news of the debating world, you need to tune in to
GLOBAL DEBATE http://globaldebateblog.blogspot.com/

Here are a list of the stories published in the month of August:

    * Lincoln-Douglas Debates Re-Enacted
    * North Carolina Community Groups Unite to Support Y...
    * WSDC 2008 Draw
    * WSDC Draw at Midnight Eastern Time
    * Payment Details for Cork WUDC
    * North South University Focuses on Novice Debaters
    * Pakistan Prime Minister Salutes Debaters on Way to...
    * IDEA to Sponsor US Universities 2009
    * WSDC Washington's News Blog is Up
    * Houston Kicks Off New Debate League
    * Kansas City Editorial Supports Fort Hays Debate Pr...
    * Joseph Hoffman, Treasured Debate Coach, Passes Awa...
    * Cambridge IV Announced
    * IDEA Debatepedia Wins Grant from Journalism Founda...
    * Saddleback USA President Forum Avoids Debate
    * Qatar 2010 Bid Book Released
    * Huge Prize in National History Debate
    * Debate and Issue 101 Website is One Year Old
    * 308 Teams at Cork WUDC
    * USA Policy Debate Listserv Reacts to Firing
    * CEDA Reacts to Professor's Dismissal
    * Fort Hays University Dismisses Coach and Suspends ...
    * Three USA Presidential Debates Scheduled
    * Filipinos Rise to Top of World Debating Ranks
    * The Joy of Middle School Debate
    * WUPID Update - Teams and Tours
    * Wales Schools Debate Competition
    * Debategraph Explores New Ways of Looking at Argume...
    * Cork WUDC Tops Out at 308
    * Petition of Support for Embattled Debate Coach
    * Cork WUDC Moves Teams Off Waitlist, Rises to 308 T...
    * Slovenia Hosts International High School Tournamen...
    * The Great Planet Debate
    * New "World Schools Ltd." To Have Meeting
    * Filipinos Immersed in Lively World Debate
    * Publicity Nightmare for USA Policy Debate
    * Bermuda World Schools Team Ready to Represent
    * Former Debater Involved in Republican "Bounty Hunt...
    * "Verbattle" Waged in India
    * National Public Policy Forum Contest Goes Internat...
    * Jerry Falwell's Debate Investment
    * Presidential Debates Fail to Meet Definition
    * Benjamin Mays - Civil Rights Leader & Debate Coach...
    * More Kudos for Fran Berger
    * Meet the National Christian Forensics and Communic...
    * Olympics of Oratory Coming Soon
    * Qatar Debate Looks to Staff Upcoming Workshops
    * Huge Debate Mobilization in Philippines
    * Last Day at Japan Debate Association Conference
    * Fran Berger - Dedicated Debate Legend Called "Unfo...
    * Malaysia's Commitment to Debating
    * Japan Debate Association Conference in Tama Opens
    * World Debate Institute College Policy Session Ends...
    * Debate Coach to Clerk for US Supreme Court
    * Grateful for Roman Heritage of Using Language to P...
    * NCA Convention in USA Has Huge Debate & Speech Off...
    * IDEA Video Sites
    * World Schools Incorporates
    * Students in History-Debate Road Show for Big Money...
    * Debate Passion Flows at Military Leadership Worksh...
    * A Party Without Candidates Focuses on Debate
    * Kyiv Open 2008
    * Qatar Debate Comes to New York
    * Lawyer is Also Part-time Pro Debater
    * Debate Fever Hits Ole Miss
    * World Debate Institute WUDC Session Concludes
    * Presidential Debate Blog
    * Cork Worlds Fills Up Fast
    * NFA Announces USA College LD Topic 08-09
    * Junior State of America -- Another Way to Debate

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