[eDebate] My Apologies to the Novice Debaters!

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Thu Sep 4 10:08:12 CDT 2008


So i went through the archives to see how big the novice divisions have grown since we changed the rule for novice.  (11 Teams in novice already entered in all tournaments combined)

I found at least 11 teams entered at this point.  So i will say the rule is working.  It would do exactly what i said and that was cause all novices to be forced into JV to start the year.
Alright, maybe not all, but in the Midwest it looks like those poor debaters at Osh Kosh will get a lot of JV rounds if they stay in the midwest.  My challenge last year was for those who voted to change the rule to field some novice teams, and I dont quiet see it yet.  I know there are some schools who just have not entered their novice teams, so i realize I am jumping the gun.  But I still pose the challenge, field some novice teams.  Figure out how to find ways to get kids on the van rather than keep them off of the van.  Those who cant debate need debate the most.  I was hoping to be encouraging rather than a butthead, i think i accomplished both.



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