[eDebate] Shared Sacrifice: Matt's Coverage of Nazis in the U.S. Military

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Thu Sep 4 11:45:03 CDT 2008

?I?m completely public about being a racist and Nazi,? he says. ?I get into fights maybe twice a month, because some n*****s will get pissed off with it.? Every time a black person enters the bar, he emits a hiss of disapproval. ?I just don?t want to be around them,? he tells me. ?I don?t want to look at them, I don?t want them near me, I don?t want to smell them. And people say, ?Oh people who are racialist you?ve never hung around black people?? b******t, I?ve showered with them, I?ve lived with them, I don?t like them? they?re f*****g savages, they?re tribal motherf*****s, they are different to us, how they think, how they conduct themselves.?Despite his vitriolic racism Fogarty wasn?t worried about not being allowed into the army. Military protocol stipulates that each new recruit with suspicious tattoos must write an explanation about the divinity and meaning of their body art. Fogarty?s are quite clearly the kind written about in ARP 600-15 ? a Nordic warrior, and a Celtic cross. But this didn?t hinder him. ?They just told me to write an explanation of each tattoo and I made up some stuff and that was that,? he says. Fogarty was enlisted and stationed in the 3rd Infantry Division based at Fort Stewart, GA, the largest Army installation east of the Mississippi River. [from "The New Nazi Army: How the U.S. Military is Allowing the Far-Right to Join its Ranks."]In addition to interviewing Maryland Green Party congressional candidate Gordon Clark, this week Shared Sacrifice features a chilling editorial by Matt Stannard on the growing phenomenon of white supremacists in the U.S. military. Is this the inevitable result of a "War on Terror" being fought without a draft? Of the U.S. invading countries that don't pose a threat to us? Of a military that has become anemic with its ideological homogeneity? Tune in, call in, and speak out. 12:00-2:00 PM mst, at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/stations/HeadingLeft/Shared_Sacrifice 
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