[eDebate] Greenhill judging needed

Josh Clark damiendebate
Fri Sep 5 16:04:16 CDT 2008

My assistant coach was not able to make it to the Greenhill tournaments this next weekend.? I?m interested in hiring a ?qualified? ?( I realize that term had been debated) judge) for the tournament.? If you are in Texas or close, I am interested in hiring you.? I?ll pay 25 dollars a round.? For the right person, I would also be interested in hiring someone to judge a couple of rounds at the round robin and help with evidence and/or coaching for the tournament, which would increase the pay.? We can discuss those terms if the right opportunity were to arise.? We have three teams at the invitational.? Let me know if you can pick up anything from a couple of rounds or to help for both tournaments.
Josh Clark
NDHS debate

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