[eDebate] Support Baltimore Youth and Get Some Cool T-Shirts

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Sep 6 12:11:52 CDT 2008


Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems, a Baltimore based youth
non-profit has recently launched an online store, the store sells youth
designed T-Shirts, many topic relevant books and a host of other products.
Our business model uses the proceeds from different programs to fund youth
employment and the rest of our community programs, including Baltimore
College Debate, our local college debate program. Debate is woven into
nearly every aspect of our programming and many of the students that work
with us are high school and college debaters, it is our belief that civic
engagement and advocacy training are an essintial component in any effective
plan for youth led urban revitalization and debate is a perfect way to teach
those skills. Until the 12th of September we are offering free shipping and
no tax on purchases, so check it out now, get some cool stuff, and help
support grassroots youth focused urban revitalization. the address of the
store is www.theyoursstore.com. We also do bulk orders, so if your
tournament or team needs t-shirts we can help, our prices are very good, and
we can do most any color and can do many designs, if you are interested in
bulk orders contact me.

Ok back to preparing the basement to deal with hanna...

Andy Ellis
Managing Director
Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems

822 W. 36th Street
Baltimore MD, 21211
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