[eDebate] Lane Technical (Chicago, IL) Seeks Assistant Coach

Benoit Barberousse benoit.barberousse
Sun Sep 7 16:50:37 CDT 2008

Lane Technical College Preparatory currently seeking an Assistant  
Coach to aid our capture of bids for the Tournament of Champions.  We  
are a public school located in the Roscoe Village neighborhood of  
Chicago, west of Wrigley Stadium.  We are a member of the Chicago  
Urban Debate League and have been competing since 1999.  Our program  
has grown from its humble beginnings and, with our capture of National  
Urban Debate Leagues Championship and second Chicago City Debate  
Championship, now aspire to greater things.

The Assistant Coach will travel to TOC qualifying competitions  
beginning with the Mid-America Cup and onward, continued competitions  
in the second semester being conditional on first semester performance  
(this does cost quite a lot of money for us).  The Assistant Coach  
will primarily be expected to provide pre-round strategy, post-round  
critique, on-site argument creation, and pre-tournament argument  
coaching.  Judging will not be necessary.  Expect to receive $250 per  
tournament for the full work before and during tournaments.  The  
Assistant Coach must complete a payment form (W-9) for each tournament  
in order to be paid.  We prefer applicants with experience debating at  
the Tournament of Champions.

If you are interested, please reply with contact information and your  
experience as soon as possible.

Benoit Barberousse

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