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                September 9, 2008 

University of Central Oklahoma
100 University Drive
Box 186
Edmond, OK 73456
September 9, 2008
Dear Colleagues
On behalf of the Broncho Debate team and the College of Liberal Arts, I 
would like to invite you to attend this year?s edition of the Joe C. 
Jackson Debate Tournament at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, 
Oklahoma.  The tournament will be held on November 7-9, 2008.

We are excited to have the members of our community on our campus, and 
will do our best to provide you with the best hospitality possible.  Our 
goal is to make sure you have a great time and to keep you coming back 
every year.  If you have a need, don?t hesitate to let us fill it.

You will notice some changes this year that have been made to improve your 
enjoyment of the tournament.  The changes were made on the basis of 
feedback received from past participants at the tournament, and we invite 
you to give us more feedback so we can continue to improve.

We will offer a full-service tournament with breakfast on Saturday and 
Sunday as well as lunch (Jimmy John?s sandwiches) on Saturday.  We will 
offer a full bevy of awards including gift bags with speaker awards and 
the Doug Duke Team Excellence Sweepstakes Award.

This year the Jackson will feature six preliminary rounds of debate in 
open, junior varsity, and novice divisions.  The tournament will follow 
the CEDA rules for eligibility to compete in each division.  We will use 
the standard 9-3-6 time limit format with 10 minutes of cumulative 
preparation time.

Please accept our invitation and join us for some very competitive debates 
and the best hospitality the Mid-West has to offer.  We are looking 
forward to hosting you in November.

Eric Marlow                     James Davis Scott Ketchum
Director of Debate              Assistant Director of Debate Assistant 

Judging:  We will utilize mutual preference judging which will be accessed 
and entered at debateresults.com. Each team must supply judging.  One team 
will require 3 rounds of judging.  One judge can cover two teams and all 
judges are committed for one round past the point where their teams are 
eliminated.  All judges are committed for the octi-final elimination 

Sexual harassment: The Joe C. Jackson is a CEDA certified tournament and 
will adhere to the CEDA statement on sexual harassment. The statement will 
be enforced throughout the tournament.

Hotel:  The tournament hotel for this year is the Sleep Inn & Suites.  The 
room rate is guaranteed at $89.00  The room block expires on October 24. 
The group block code is ?Dr. Joe C. Jackson Debate Tournament?.  The hotel 
is located at 3608 S. Broadway Extension, Edmond, OK 73013.  The phone 
number is 405-844-3000.  If you have any problems, our contact is Joe 

Awards: All teams clearing to elimination rounds will receive awards and 
we will give an appropriate number of speaker awards for each division. 
This year we will continue to award the Doug Duke Team Excellence 
Sweepstakes Award.  In order to preference excellence over proximity, we 
will calculate points for the best two teams in each of the three 
divisions.  The school amassing the most wins across those three divisions 
will receive the award.  This award is made possible by funds from the 
Doug Duke Endowment for Excellence.

Fees: The fee for a covered team is $80. The fee for a team without 
judging is $200.  We have very limited judging for hire and we want your 
judges not your money.  Wherever possible we encourage you to hire your 
own judges. 

Entry: Teams can be entered online at www.debateresults.com

Tournament Administration:  We are happy to say that UCO alum and NFL 
national tabroom staff member Martin Glendenning will be directing the 
tabulation for the tournament this year.


Friday, November 7
2-3 pm Registration Liberal Arts Lobby
3 pm Round 1 Pairings Released
4 pm Round 1 pre-set
6:30 pm Round 2 pre-set

Saturday, November 8
7:30 am Round 3 pairings released at Sleep Inn and campus
8 am Breakfast on campus
9 am Round 3 
11:30 Round 4 
2 pm Lunch provided on campus
3:30 Round 5 
6:30 Round 6 

Sunday, November 9
7:30 first elim pairings released Sleep Inn and campus
9 am first elim
11:30 pm Awards Pegasus Theatre
Elim rounds continue

If you have questions please contact us:

Eric Marlow
emarlow at ucok.edu
(405) 974 5564
Fax (405) 974-3283
Alternative Lodging Options:

We have no rate guarantees but these are available options.

Hampton Inn-Edmond
300 Meline Drive
Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 844-3037

Holiday Inn Express
3840 East 2nd
Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 844-3700

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