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SOLT, ROGER E resolt2
Mon Sep 15 09:51:56 CDT 2008

There are several points I want to bring to your attention.

 1.  Schools are obligated to provide four rounds of judging for each of their first two teams.  They are obligated to provide FIVE rounds of judging for all teams beyond two.  Even if debateresults.com says you have met your commitment, you actually haven't unless you meet this formula (which was printed in the invitation).
 2.  We would like to freshen the pool by hiring a few extra rounds of judging.  We will pay $25 per round.  Please contact me if you are interested.  If you are willing to contribute to the common good by DONATING extra rounds, we would of course be even more appreciative.
 3.  We need a list of all teams composed of two first year college debaters (for purposes of the special first year elimination bracket).  There is a small surcharge ($10) for each of these teams.  We would also like to know the names of your other first year debaters for purposes of first year speaker awards.
 4.  We have decided to add lunch on Saturday.  It will be the traditional J.W. pizza party.  Ouita Michel's special buffet lunch will be served on Sunday.
 5.  With regard to dietary preferences, we should be fine respecting vegetarians.  But if you have vegans in your party, please give us a heads up.
 6.  On Friday evening from 7 to 10, concurrent with registration, there will be a special coaches' reception honoring Dr. J.W. Patterson.  It will take place, probably, in the Lafayette Suite (room 517) of the Lexington Downtown Hotel (formerly the Radisson).  Please come by for a snack and to say hello to J.W.

We look forward to seeing you in Lexington.

Roger Solt
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