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The Center for the Study of Citizenship at Wayne State
University announces its Sixth Annual Conference in Citizenship Studies.  The Conference will be held at Wayne State?s
Detroit campus on 26-28 March 2009.  The
theme for this year?s conference is REPRESENTING CITIZENSHIP. Distinguished
philosopher Wil Kymlicka (Queen?s University, Ontario,
 Canada) author of Multicultural Citizenship:  A Liberal Theory of Minority Rights, will
serve as the conference keynote speaker. 


The Center invites proposals
for papers, panels, poster sessions, artistic displays and performances that
examine citizenship and representation in many senses, from the political and
legal to the literary and artistic. 
Topics may include but are not limited to the representation of
political or legal interests by proxies such as legislators, political 

parties, interest groups, or
lawyers; the representation of citizens in novels, plays, or print, broadcast,
or digital media and the cultural consequences of this ?embodiment?; and the
circulation of depictions and descriptions of citizenship in school texts,
government films, or other media meant to model or critique civic behavior.  These examples are meant to be suggestive,
not to limit the range of potential subjects for scholarly inquiry.  We invite presentations from any time period
or geographic area from among and across the widest range of disciplines,
including but not limited to literature, political science, history,
anthropology, law, communications, sociology, economics, geography, medicine,
film studies, and the fine arts.  We
welcome proposals from scholars, graduate students, artists, and performers and
encourage those interested in submitting panel proposals to use H-Citizenship (http://www.h-net.org/~citizen/) to
locate scholars with compatible interests. 
Panels will use a peer-comment format, and each panelist will be asked
to offer five minutes of comment on a co-panelist?s work.   


If you would like to participate in the conference as a
moderator or commentator, rather than presenter,  please indicate that along with your area(s)
of expertise (political science, literature, etc.) and include a brief
c.v.  The Center plans to publish a
volume of papers from the conference.  


Proposals should be submitted no later than Friday, 14
November 2008 using the Center?s online form. 
Both panel proposals and individual submissions are welcome.   Questions should be directed to Marc W.
Kruman, aa1277 at wayne.edu. 


We regret that the Center does not provide funding for
travel or other expenses.   

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