[eDebate] Vandy Hotel

Sandoz, M L ML.Sandoz
Mon Sep 15 13:55:27 CDT 2008

The hotel has run out of non-smoking rooms.  If you have a NS room but can
use a smoking room, please let the hotel know.

There will be no official functions at the tournament hotel.  If you would
like to save money, there are some deals on hotels.com - these, however,
will be farther from campus (most around the airport).  We were near the
airport last year and that seemed to be worth it for some of you.  At the
SE/SEC/D6 people asked to have a closer hotel - thus the tournament hotel.

Also, if you have not registered on debateresults and plan to come, please
let me know by either email or debateresults.

Sandoz, M L
Director of Debate
Vanderbilt University
Email: mary.l.sandoz at Vanderbilt.Edu

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