[eDebate] GSU Tournament -- Caselist reminder/clarification

Dr. Joe Bellon debate.gsu
Wed Sep 17 10:23:58 CDT 2008

For any teams planning on attending our tournament this coming weekend,
please remember to send your caselist information to gsucaselist at gmail.com.
Do not post your information directly to the Wiki unless you want everyone
to know what you'll be running before you run it.

Of course, if you have already debated at a tournament such as Gonzaga,
there's no problem posting directly to the Wiki. Still, it would be nice if
you'd send us a full 1AC disclosure to the gmail account anyway.

We will start posting information on the Wiki the second that round 2 begins
at our tournament.

Thanks. We look forward to seeing y'all this weekend.

Dr. Joe Bellon
Director of Debate
Georgia State University
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