[eDebate] con sarnit, i knew this would happen

stephen davis proudsavage
Wed Sep 17 14:33:20 CDT 2008

look, of course what whitman is doing is a perfectly fine innovation and
prolly will save money time trees and effort...
i was, as per my ususal, bratty, self important, sardonic, nature... making
a joke...

are jokes still ok, i feel like its the week after 9-11 and saturday night
live is afraid to  even try to be funny...  and as it turns out thier
attempts failed and everyone sent them backchannels to call them an
asshat... group and concede, im an asshat...

Aaron, Jim, Pinto, Whitman, Heidegger, Josh, etc...

I really wasnt trying to offend you or attack you or belittle the important
work that you do... REALLY when the post closes with "repectfully" it is
meant whole heartedly....

the rest is just being silly in the hopes that occasionally being silly
about something that seems relatively uncontroversial might still be
acceptable.  i know that we, as a community, have had a really really rough
summer. i just wanted to lighten the mood a little(or see if it could be
lightened)  with a post that i thought couldn't be construed as grossly
offensive  by nature of its subject matter.
those who backchanneled me are, of course, absolutely correct... im a bratty
idiot... please dont mind me...
and those who are engaged in this conversation should not think that i
harbor animosity toward them or the steps they are taking to make debate
better...  Kudos...

as for pintos high horse--ivory tower arguments i used to live in a commune
in a dilapadated barn i just moved to the hood... my tower is not high, nor
has it ever been, and my horse is 20 years old, grinds gears, drips oil, and
smokes everywhere it goes... get your mind right and learn to recognize an
absurdity when you see one before you make assumptions about me...  there is
also no uniqueness to this ivory tower claim...

to reiterate whitman is awesome, im a douche, josh likes baby cyborg jokes,
and pinto is doubling my silliness by not recognizing its as such... silly
silly pinto...

i love you all, calm down, im occasionally silly like josh is occasionally
wrong and jackie is occasionally bad at spelling, its ok, were allowed to be
different and express that difference any way we want to so long as it
doesnt hurt anyones feelings(was hoping the playfullness of my orginal post
would denote that i was not intending an ontological, epistemic,
or metaphysical  assault of any kind...) if  if i failed as i often do i am
sorry but will hold fast in my quest to carve out a niche for non-offensive,
playfully sardonic, meaningful douchebag participation on edebate...


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