[eDebate] Results from the Baltimore College Debate Season Opener

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Sep 16 10:41:20 CDT 2008


Here are the results of a tournament i very much enjoyed hosting. We had 21
teams of all experience levels. One big pool with breakouts for jv and
We cleared to a partial Octo

Here we go we will start with novice and jv speakers

Top Novice Speakers

   1. Sid Janamanchi (New York U.)
   2. Elaine Zhou (New York U.)
   3. Janice Li (New York U.)
   4. 4. Jeremy Zimmerman (West Virginia)


Top JV speakers

   1. Sarah Gehrke (Richmond)
   2. Erica Vaughn (Towson)
   3. Valeria Jones (Towson)

*4. *Amit Patel (West Virginia)

5. Megan Coffman (West Virginia)

JV Final Round

WVU IW Defeats Towson PW 2-1

Novice Final Round
West Conn BS Defeats WVU PZ on a 2-1

Partial Octas
New yourk AJ defeats  West Virginia CP on a 2-1
Towson IJ Defeats New York LZ on 3-0

Drexel Swarthmore DK Defeats New York AJ on a 2-1
Towson EM Over Towson IJ
Richmond DF Vs Richmond DG
Towson KO Defeats Richmond BK on a 3-0

Towson EM over Richmond*
Drexel/Swarthmore DK over Towson KO 2-1

Towson EM over Drexel Swarthmore DK*

The final round diod not take place, Drexel Swarthmore made the reasonable
decison to leave and get home safely instead of starting a final round after
11:00. While as a debate tournament this is a victory for towson, if it
where wrestling a belt would not have changed hands. So from now on in
addition to a  tournament championship  there will also be a belt. I know
this idea isnt original, but i dont much care, anyway the next time towson
em hits drexel swarthmore dk the winner will get a yet to be named
belt...details to follow.

The Top 10 Speakers
10. Callie Dowdy -Richmond
9. Michael Stark-WVU
8 Jen Donohue- Richmond
7. Ricky Deck-Drexel
6.Fernando Kirkman-Towson
5.Ignacio Evans- Towson
4.Ben Morgan-Towson
3.Bobby Kim- Swarthmore
2. Mycal Bell-Richmond
1. Hong Mei Pang-Towson

Thanks to Samantha Godbey for judging and extra round late into the evening,
Daryl Burch, Shauntrice Martin, Barbora Ondruskova, Rob Hewes, and Najib
Jammal, for adding a ton of extra judging to the tournament, and everybody
else who was willing to volunteer additional rounds,
Thanks to Beth Skinner and the Towson Team, for what at this point amounts
to volunteering support for an event they technicaly provide space
for...thank you all for the work to make the tournament run.
The next  tournament in Baltimore is Nov 1 & 2 We look forward to seeing
many of you.
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