[eDebate] GSU Tournament -- Registration location & JV/Novice elim clarification

Dr. Joe Bellon debate.gsu
Thu Sep 18 10:18:21 CDT 2008

Registration on Friday will start at 6 pm, and will take place in room 1204
of the Marriott Century Center Hotel.

For those of you bringing JV and novice debaters, you might be a bit
confused by our elim situation. Here is what our plan is:

Barring further drops, we will clear a full quarterfinal (8 teams) in JV.
Quarters will take place during Open round 7. Semis during round 8. Finals
will take place during Open octofinals (we don't have enough rooms or judges
to do it during doubles).

We will clear at least to a full quarterfinal in novice. During
registration, we will be soliciting input from those of you who are bringing
novice teams as to how you want us to proceed with novice elims. Our two
choices are: first, we could clear a full quarterfinal (8 teams). That would
proceed exactly like JV in terms of what rounds would take place when.

Our second option is to clear half the field (14 teams, as of right now). We
would Have octofinals during Open round 7. Quarters during round 8. Semis
during Open octofinals. Finals during Open quarters.

In the past, the majority of teams have leaned toward the first option
because they did not want to stay through the end of Open quarters. We will
take all feedback under advisement, then make a decision we think best
reflects both the desires of the participants and our needs in terms of
conference room space. We will make an announcement about this as soon as

Dr. Joe Bellon
Director of Debate
Georgia State University
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