[eDebate] 69th Annual Mountain Debate Tournament Invite

Kris Willis kristopherwillis
Wed Sep 24 10:51:19 CDT 2008

Dear Colleagues, 

We are pleased to invite you to the 69th Annual Mountain Debate Tournament. The
tournament is sponsored by the Appalachian State University Forensic Team on
the weekend of November14-16, 2008. This invitation contains all the
information you will need to register, including hotel and parking, details
concerning the pre-tournament Mountaineer Hike. 

The tournament will feature Open, Junior Varsity, and Novice divisions of policy debate. The tournament will abide by ADA, CEDA, and NDT
guidelines.  Any conflict will be resolved by the Director in consultation
with the Tab Room Director. 


We will have six preliminary policy debate rounds of competition
on the 2007-2008 CEDA Policy Debate Topic.  The ADA
divisions of novice, JV, and open will be in effect.  Half of the teams
(rounding down) in each bracket will advance.    Teams
will advance into elimination rounds based on the following criteria: 1)
win-loss record, 2) total team points, 3) adjusted team points, 4)
double-adjusted team points, 5) total team ranks; and, 6) coin
toss.   We will not break brackets.  Advancing teams when a
school meets itself will be up to the discretion of the coach and the school

 We are committed to
providing you and your students with a valuable team experience. We have
secured a beautiful tournament hotel, LaQuinta Inns & Suites, where we will
hold registration for your convenience.  We
have blocked 25 rooms at the tournament hotel, LaQuinta Inns & Suites at
the rate of $63.75/night.  The block and
rate will no longer be effective after November first.  LaQuinta Inns & Suites 828-262-1234   Ask for Brenda Fisher, General Manager, to
receive the $63.75 rate.  www.LQ.com  


Just a note, there is a home football game on the weekend of
our tournament which draws fans from across the nation. So I *STRONGLY
encourage* you to make your reservations immediately.  


We are excited to sponsor our fourth annual pre-tournament Mountaineer Hike.  We will be hiking a
portion of the Price Park Trail which will provide debaters with a fabulous
view of Trashcan falls and some pre-tournament oxygen.  Please e-mail or facebook Mariam Willis at
willismr at appstate.edu if you would like to participate. We will meet at the
tournament hotel, which is the LaQuinta Inn at 10 a.m. on Friday, November


We are providing additional hospitality services this
year. We will serve a light breakfast and a lunch on Saturday, as well as
coffee, water, and fruit throughout the tournament.  Further, we will provide menus and a new
accommodating schedule, so that you may enjoy many of Boone's outstanding
locally owned restaurants.  Moreover, the
entire tournament will take place in a single building on campus.

We hope you?ll put Appalachian State University on your tournament schedule.  Come enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and
fresh air in Boone, NC!


  Kris Willis 

  Co-Director of Forensics 

  Appalachian State University 

  (828)262-8371 (office) 
  (828) 719-7705 (cell)
  williskw at appstate.edu
  Fax: (828)262-2543 
  Mariam Razian Willis 

  Co-Director of Forensics 

  Appalachian State University 

  (828)262-7527 (office) 

  (828) 719-7706 (cell)

  willismr at appstate.edu

*ENTRIES*: Each school may enter as many teams as it wishes in each division.
Any student may be entered in Open Division. Only students with two years or
less experience in college debate may be entered in the JV division. Only those
students with 2 semesters or less experience including high school debate may
be entered in Novice Division (excluding Lincoln-Douglas Debate). 

*FORMAT*: The 2008-09 CEDA Policy Topic will be used for the three policy
divisions. Six preliminary rounds with appropriate elimination rounds in each
division will be offered. Speaking times will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes preparation.
Rounds 1 & 2 will be randomly paired. Rounds 3 & 5 will be paired
high/high based on cumulative records. Rounds 4 & 6 will be paired high/low
within brackets and side constraints. Speaker awards will be given based upon
adjusted speaker points (dropping highest and lowest points), then total
speaker points, then double adjusted speaker points, 

then team record, then ranks. 

*AWARDS*: Appropriate awards will be provided to all teams reaching elimination
rounds and the top 5 speakers in Novice, JV and Open Policy Debate. 


*JUDGES*: Each school must provide 1 qualified judge for every 2 teams or
fraction thereof entered. All judges are obligated 1 round beyond the point
their team is eliminated. Since we have a *very* limited supply of qualified
judges, please make every effort to cover your judging obligation.

*FEES*: *$40 per person* and $100.00 per hired judge. If you have one team and one judge, the fee will be $120. Last year we lost money on the tournament which is why the fees have increased. If these fees are prohibiting, please contact Mariam or I and we can try and work something out.

*ENTRY DEADLINE*: Monday, November 10, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. We prefer to 

receive entries through debateresults.com. 

*NO ADDS AT REGISTRATION*. All changes or drops at
registration will result 

in a $25.00 fee. 

* TOURNAMENT HOTEL *: Blocks are available at the LaQuinta Inns &
Suites.  828-262-1234   Ask for Brenda
Fisher, General Manager, to receive the $63.75 rate.  www.LQ.com  Tournament registration will begin at 1 p.m.
at the LaQuinta.


Just a note, there is a home football game on the weekend of
our tournament which draws fans from across the nation. So I *STRONGLY
encourage* you to make your reservations immediately.


Other hotels in the area: (Expect to pay between $100.00 and
$190.00 a night excluding tax.) 

*Comfort Suites*, (828) 268-0099, 1184 Hwy 105

Super 8 Motel- (828) 264-4133 (formerly the Greystone Lodge) 

Holiday Inn Express- (828) 264-2451 

Greene's Motel - (828) 264-8845 

Fairfield Inn & Suites (828) 268-0677 

Campus maps are also available at http://www.web.appstate.edu/maps/


Visitor parking tags and directions will be included at

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