[eDebate] Thank you to GSU and to the Liberty Program.

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Wed Sep 24 18:59:52 CDT 2008

I'd like to thank Georgia State for welcoming us to their tournament this year.
I know it is usually looked at as one of the largest varsity tournaments of the
Fall semester. But, the JV and novice divsions were quite competitive and my
students learned a tremendous amount this weekend. The banquet was great. I
hope that more JV and novice oriented programs will make it down next year. Joe
Bellon and Mike Davis took time out of their exhausting schedules to discuss
issues that were important to me and to my debaters. We really apprecaited
their patience and willingness to listen to our concerns. We will be back next

In addition, I want to thank the Liberty University Debate team for their show
of sportsmanship. They know what I am referring to, and I think that was a
class act. It literally brought me to tears.

Better yet, I will tell you all so you will know. It was Liberty's debaters that
pointed out a problem concerning speaker awards and it was a Liberty debater
that gave back his first place speaker award because he saw there was an error;
that one of my students was the 1st place speaker. This folks is what
intercollegiate policy debate is about. We fight tooth and nail within rounds.
We play to win. But, at the end of the tournament, we walk away as friends and
colleagues. THIS is what the Administrations of Ft. Hays and Pitt have
overlooked. This is what CEDA is and what it stands for. There are moments of
excellence and basic humanity within this activity that go unnoticed. I just
want you all to know this moment meant a lot to us and it is more
representaitve of this community than one set of mistakes made six months ago.

Scott M. Elliott, Ph.D, J.D.
Dir. of Debate, UL-Lafayette.

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