[eDebate] Clarion University Debate Tournament - final call

James Lyle jrlyle
Mon Sep 22 12:28:06 CDT 2008

It would appreciated if people could get their final numbers in so I can get
a final tally in to the catering people on this end.

Also, a final push to come.  Reasons:

1. Low Fees (or at least very reasonable).
2. We provide Sat/Sun lunch and Sat dinner.
3. Traveling Trophies for division champions.
4. Clocks for the top speakers.
5. Plenty of hospitality.
6. Good weather.
7. Reasonablly priced hotels.
8. Autumn Leaf Festival starts on Sunday.  Grab a elephant ear or fried
oreos as you head out of town.
9. You've debated in the ADA already (Georgia State/Kings), get more points!
10. Clarion PA, voted the best town in America (by residents of Clarion PA).

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