[eDebate] Missing Laptop and more

Michael Souders micksouders
Tue Sep 23 18:26:24 CDT 2008


On Saturday afternoon at approximately 2:40pm, I walked away from my bright
orange backpack in front the GCB.  When I realized I had left it, I returned
just before 3:30pm.  It was gone.  The backpack contained my Toshiba
Satellite Fusion laptop, a Western Digital external hard drive, several
books, including two first editions from late 19th century, and, oh yeah,
all of my academic work for the past four years.  Anyone who knows any
information or picked it up thinking it was lost will earn my eternal
gratitude and even more if I actually get even just my external hard drive

And, while I hate to say the following, I can't rule out the possibility
that someone has it illicitly.   If you have it, I will ask exactly zero
questions about why or how.  If you have it and only give my hard drive
back, I will let you have my laptop and the 19th century preaching books you
are unlikely to ask about, zero questions asked.  Seriously.  Hell, even
mail it to me anonymously if you wish.  I would even ransom my stuff back,
but I don't have much money.  I will never mention the issue again.

Let me clear, there is ZERO evidence or even the vaguest suspicion anyone in
the community took my laptop.  But I thought I'd lay out my situation.

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