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M G malgorthewarrior
Thu Sep 25 19:44:36 CDT 2008

I judged that team in finals.  I won't speak to whether or not said debater met the formal guidelines, though I'm pretty sure he actually did.  

Regardless, the debater was a novice.  I have both debated and judged a lot of JV in my D3 days, and a lot of novice.   There was literally no competitive advantage, and it was obvious that the debater had very few rounds of policy debate.  

This is probably a reason why it's good to not force someone up a division.  I don't think there is any conspiracy to own the jv and novice divisions and not earn points, and frankly I think when we are dealing with students who have little to no experience in debate, we should be very flexible and tailor our understanding to what's best for them.  For this student it was apparent that novice was an appropriate division, at least for a while longer.

I'm sure there was no intent on Ill State's part, and Stan (who I love like a brother, and have known for many years, but is secretly a dirty, dirty Rams fan) was correct in placing the kid in novice.

I think J Green's concerns are relevant-certainly putting an 'open' team in jv or novice would not be desirable, but this should be taken up on a tournament by tournament basis.  

Some students probably need to be in JV or novice longer than others.  I needed JV when I started in college....good god did I need JV.  I remember asking culp how to perm a K in the middle of my 2ac at my first tournament.  Oh to be young again.

Bottom line-no harm, no foul.  


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