[eDebate] Apology and Clarification - re: Illinois State

Justin Green jmgreen
Thu Sep 25 21:15:51 CDT 2008

The winner of UNI was novice eligible.  Congrats to Illinois State.

I apologize for stating this team was ineligible and for any personal harm
done.  One debater did have more than 24 rounds, but had only cleared at one
tournament, so was thus eligible for novice.  My error was due to my
misreading of the rule as well as mis-communication with another director. I
take responsibility.

I never saw the debater in question.  Despite questions of eligibility in
this instance, it was suggested to me that the rule could be circumvented.
My intention was never to moralize in a public forum, but to address an
oversight in the CEDA Constitution.  The idea of having a student who is not
eligible for points competing in a division is still a possibility and can
be avoided with previously suggested language for division requirements.


Justin Green
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