[eDebate] Debate meets Debate...

William J Repko repkowil
Fri Sep 26 19:29:12 CDT 2008

... As part of his Presidential Debate preview, Nate Silver -- of 
FiveThirtyEight.com and author of most of your uniqueness cards -- makes an 
explicit shout-out to Ross Smith's post on Debate Scoop/Daily Kos. 

Both are good reading materials before the debate. 

Nate's piece is currently second on the page and is called: 

"Debate Goals"

(Nate also positively comments on the Wake Debate team in this piece). 

That article includes a link to Ross's article as well. A direct link to 
Ross's article can be accessed via: 


Congrats to Ross.. I mean, it's pretty cool. 

 -- Will 

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