[eDebate] Binghamton Debate Tournament Invite

joe leeson-schatz sailorferrets
Sat Sep 27 07:44:49 CDT 2008

The Nineteenth Annual Forensics Festivals Invite
11/22/08 - 11/23/08

AWARDS: Unfortunately do to administrative issues we will no longer be
able to donate money to non-profit organizations for awards.  However,
we will provide unique and interesting awards that will make any
debater proud to take home in order to make up for it.

POLICY DIVISIONS: In order to promote novice debate and in order to
offer all three divisions, while we will abide by CEDA eligibility
guidelines, we strongly convince you to register debaters as follows:
Novice debaters should include students who have competed in less than
three tournaments so that newly joining debaters aren't tournaments
behind more advanced novice debaters.  Those schools that wish to
enter Rookie teams should register them in novice and e-mail me their
names and the intent for them to be Rookies.  In the world enough
Rookie teams enter we will have a separate division, otherwise we will
have breakout rounds for those identified as Rookie. We ask all
debaters that have either three tournaments of experience or have
advanced in elimination rounds to register in the JV bracket.  We ask
all debaters who are in their second year or more of policy
experience, and have advanced to elimination rounds at least once,
enter the Open division, which welcomes more experienced debaters as

The novice division will host 5 rounds with one educational round to
watch, while the JV and Open divisions will have the full 6 rounds.
The hope in doing this is to promote continual participation and
education of new novices as well as allow more experienced debaters to
push themselves to their limits by debating up, which is another
excellent means of learning how to debate.  In the event we cannot
break all brackets to at least semifinals we will collapse the JV and
Open bracket but we hope this will not be the case.

WORLD'S DIVISION: Registration should be e-mailed to
sailorferrets at gmail.com by the Thursday before the tournament
(11/20/08) at the latest.  Fees and schedule will be the same as
policy division listed below.  You are required to bring one judge for
every three teams you have registered.


Registration: $35 per person in attendance. Checks should be made out
to "Binghamton Debate Team" (but in the spirit of new organizations,
all student run teams will have their registration fees waived, with
the encouragement to be extra active in the other fundraising events,
which will have awards as well)

Uncovered Team: $100 ($200 for full obligation, this however cannot be
waived); we encourage schools to bring extra judges if possible.

Entries should be done on debateresults.com or sent to Joe Schatz at
sailorferrets at gmail.com, with a cc sent to
bsdeboard at listserv.binghamton.edu. They can also be phoned in to Joe
at 607-765-3659.  We will be accepting registration up until the
Thursday (11/20/08) before the tournament at 6pm.  Any changes after
that time should be phoned in immediately.  Entries should include
names of debaters and which divisions, as well as a list of judges.

Hotel Information:

Holiday Inn ? University, Vestal NY is directly across the street from
the University.  A mere hop, skip, and/or jump from the tournament.
Reservations can be place by calling the Holiday Inn at 607-729-6371.

Alternative accommodations can be made at the Skylark Motor Lodge at a
cheaper rate.  It's located about five minutes away from campus on the
same road as University (Rt 434).  Reservations can be made by calling


We advocate reasonable starting times for debates to allow for
coaching and still run a punctual tournament.  Rounds will NOT run
late, and all WILL be pleased.  We have no delusion on getting out
late, and we will provide snacks throughout so no one will starve.
Anyone who has medical reasons for needing to consume flesh will be
accommodated if specified at the time of registration.  Any other
allergies or medical dietary needs will be met as well.

Sat, November 22nd

6:45am-7:25am Late Registration
7:30am Pairings for Round 1 & 2
8:00am-10:15am Round 1
10:45am-1:00pm Round 2
1:00pm-2:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Pairings for Round 3 & 4
2:30pm-4:45pm Round 3
5:15pm-7:30pm Round 4
7:45pm Pairings for Round 5
8:15pm-10:30pm Round 5 (JV & Open, Novice Watch)

Sun, November 23rd

7:00am Pairings
7:30am-10:00am Round 5 (Novice), Round 6 (JV & Open)
10:30am Pairings for first elimination round released
11:15am-1:30pm First elimination round
1:30pm-2:30pm Awards & Lunch
3:15-5:30pm Second elimination round
6:15-8:15pm Third elimination round
8:45-11:00pm Fourth elimination round (If needed, if not we'll start
the day later)


Binghamton University is located one mile west of the city of
Binghamton (in Vestal) and is a short drive from major urban centers
in New York and neighboring states. A number of bus companies serve
the area, and the Binghamton Regional Airport provides major airline

Follow 81 North or South to 17 West, toward Elmira, get off at exit
70S, heading towards "Binghamton Univ."  Construction has changed the
nature of what happens next this year so pay attention.  You should
stay in the left lanes and take the skyway over the traffic circle,
which will put you on the Fredrick Johnson Bridge (201S).

To hotel: take the second exit (434 East) and the Holiday Inn will be
on your right and the University on your left.  Take your first right
and turn into the parking lot, or continue down 434 East for several
miles until the Skylark on your left near a Burger King, Vestal High
School, and the Skylark Diner.

To campus: take the third and final exist (434 West).  Stay in the
right lane that will put you on campus.  You'll hit traffic circle.
You want to take the circle but stay to your right and not veer off
entirely by simply going right.  If you've done the maneuver correctly
you'll pass a parking garage on your right.  Continue to follow the
road until it puts you in front of a whole bunch of parking meters,
which will happen after it makes you veer right.  Meter parking is
free on weekends and the Fine Arts building is right in front of you.
Registration is on the second floor.  Signs should be posted around
campus to make this process easier for you.

Hotel to campus: turn left coming out onto 434 at the intersection
with Denny's, then turn right onto campus at the next traffic light
and follow above directions.

joe leeson-schatz
director of debate at binghamton university
campaigns coordinator of the binghamton/vestal vegan association

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