[eDebate] "The Brad" Worlds Results

Gordie Miller jmill12
Sun Sep 28 19:04:48 CDT 2008

World?s results from ?The Brad?

Quaterfinalists ?This house would make smokers? pay for their own medical

Colgate A, Bard A, Colgate B, St John?s D
Colston, Nelson, Dechow

Hobart and William Smith C, Cornell J, HWS E, Vermont B
Llano, Goldberg, D. Schatz

St John?s A, RIT A, Cornell K, RIT B
Barnes, Hock, J. Smith

Vermont H, HWS A, Colgate C, Cornell D
Nystrom, Figgins, Chieco

Semifinals ?This house would recognize the independence of the breakaway
Georgian provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia?

Colgate A, Colgate B, HWS C, Cornell J
Nystrom, Heffernan, Torda

RIT A, St. Johns A, HWS A, Colgate C
Nelson, Figgins, Chieco

Finals ?This house believes allowing United States? troops to pursue Al
Qaeda and the Taliban into Pakistani territory is justified?

RIT A, Colgate C, Colgate B, Colgate A
Chieco, Nelson, Llano

Champions Colgate A ?Andrew Eldredge & Stephen West
2nd Place RIT A- Joe Damiba & Chris Tosswill
3rd  Place Colgate C- Andrew Pike & Travis Steele
Finalist Colgate B- Grafton Connor & Austrin Schwartz

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