[eDebate] I want to judge and coach IN LOS ANGELES / Nick Felice Married Cera Schreiner/Fiore/now Felice

Nicholas Felice n.felice
Sun Sep 28 21:40:03 CDT 2008

I need a debate fix really bad.  I live in Pasadena and I'm not super
fond of driving in traffic or driving more than 15 miles during the
week cause I'm a 9-5er, but I'm down for whatever people need on the
weekends.  I graduated from NYU, where I debated for the Coalition,
way back in 2007 and I'm really looking forward to contributing to the
greater Los Angeles debate community.  Please email me  if you can
hook it up.

Also my longtime girlfriend/former debate partner Cera and I got
married a couple of days ago (she says she doesn't want to come back
to the activity but I think maybe she could be persuaded).

Nick Felice
n.felice at gmail.com

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