[eDebate] Call for Applications: January in Korea

Jason Jarvis debatekorea
Mon Sep 29 05:24:59 CDT 2008


The Korea Development Institute of Public
Policy and Management is pleased to announce an open call for applications for
6 faculty members to teach debate/public speaking and academic writing in
English in Seoul, Korea during the month of January. 


January 3 (arrival) to January 31 (departure)


Position Description: Instructors will be assigned, depending on their preference, to
teach an intensive English course, either a course on debate/public speaking or
a course on academic writing. The audience are the incoming graduate students
in the MPP program (Masters of Public Policy and in the MBA (Masters in
Business Administration. The audience are primarily mid-level managers at
Korean corporations, Korean government officials and government officials from
a wide range of developing nations in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and
Latin America and Europe.  


Teaching Load: Classes will run Monday through Friday, for 4 hours each day.  There will be a break on the 26th
and 27th of January for the Lunar New Year holiday prior to the
conclusion of the term.  


Weekends are free for sightseeing, skiing,
or enjoying the fine culinary, cultural and social options that a city of 15
million people has to offer!


Application Deadline: October 31, 2008


Qualifications: Applicants should possess at least a Master?s Degree in business, the humanities or the social sciences with
experience in teaching public speaking, debate, or academic writing.  Experience teaching ESL/ELD students (non-native
English speakers) is highly preferred.


Salary: Faculty
will be paid W75,000 per hour of teaching (approximately $75 per hour). Net
compensation should be around $5000 for the month.  Faculty will be required to provide their own
plane ticket and housing. The KDI
 School will help in
reserving hotel or hostel space for faculty members. 


Application Procedures:

Please send the following material to Jason
Jarvis (Director of the Preliminary Term) @:

debatekorea at gmail.com


Additionally, please CC a copy of your
application to:

gskim at kdischool.ac.kr


A cover letter that includes
your name, email address, phone number (cell phone is preferred) and a fax
number if it is available.

A current Curriculum Vitae


The Application Deadline is October 31,

Chosen faculty members will be notified on
or before November 14, 2008.  

Jason L. Jarvis

Assistant Dean and Lecturer,

Korea Development Institute Graduate School of Public Policy and Management


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