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It is hard not to love the University of Wyoming Debate Team: great students, long history of success, strong leadership in the community.
But I'd like to add another consideration: Fiscal Prudence.
At a time when directors are struggling to meet a confluence of factors (demands for increased participation, slowly growing state budgets, and rising tournament attendance costs), it takes a Director with guts and vision to say "regional debate matters and I'm going to do what it takes to let it not just exist, but flourish."
So MJS did what all directors - I hope - would do in similar circumstances:
1.  Held a 6 round tournament
2.  Provided quality judging
3.  Provided basic amenities (coffee, breakfast goodies, etc.)
and most importantly...
4.  Charged ZERO entry fees.
If you have never been to Laramie for the Wyomign Tournament, please consider joining us next year.  At $83.01 per round ($1992/24 rounds), you simply can't beat it...and cheap southwest tickets get you to Denver...and it just a short drive from there.
Thanks Matt, Crowe, Pinto, Ryan Cheek (weber's own!) for making the tournament possible.

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