[eDebate] WSU - Doubles are back...

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Tue Sep 30 13:58:09 CDT 2008

Remember the day....

The day when every midwest tournament went to doubles?

Well the "good ole days" may be returning.  WSU went to doubles in open and it looks like Emporia will be doing the same.

I wanted to thank Wichita for hosting a tournament that  I think exploded on them size wise, and they did a great job accommodating.

But what made the weekend so great was all of the new debaters in the region that have made debate really interesting, as well as competitive.

I am not sure the great Jane Rinehart is still coaching anymore, but I want to say that she has done an amazing job of getting her debaters to college.  Big UPS for KC Central Debate.
This past weekend would have made her smile!

See most of you at KCKCC.



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