[eDebate] Whitman and Paperless

Logan Martin logan.martin
Sun Sep 14 15:26:37 CDT 2008

Officially, I speak only on my own behalf, but I am sure that I will be
joined by the other members of the University of Denver in congratulating
Aaron Hardy and the Whitman debate team for their brave foray into the
uncharted territory that is paperless debate.   It is heartening to see such
a creative, unprecedented approach to addressing the rising costs of travel,
which pose unique challenges to teams like Whitman and others, who are
finding it more and more difficult to take seven teams to national-level
competitions.  It is my hope that the community will adopt Hardy's proposed
norms with enthusiasm and defer to him as the authority on all issues
related to this extraordinary new model of competition.

Incidentally, I would like to congratulate Mr. Hardy for his other recent
innovations, such as the disad, the internet, and pants.


Logan Martin






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