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Josh jbhdb8
Mon Sep 15 12:28:57 CDT 2008

Hola Compadre,

(The department of self-importance wanted it known that when Captain Stephen
Davis said "stuff nobody cared about" he actually meant "stuff nobody who
thinks a phallus and a poem constitutes a researched topic cares about")

Stephen, you might have heard - other people who debate other styles are
having to deal with bag charges from the near collapse of the airline
industry (mostly caused by the run of high oil/gas prices in the last few
years).  You might know somthing about the economics of that if you had
actually researched the energy topic a few years back.  I am sure in your no
laptops, no news, to television world this seems like ushering in an era of
"robot debate."  Once you turn on the lights in your homestead in Baltimore
and use the outhouse and your motorcar a few times you will see that there
are good things about technology.

In this particular instance - debaters (actual human beings)....work like 40
hours a week writing what are called BLOCKS....now, either an electronic tub
called a laptop or a rubbermaid tub can carry those BLOCKS to the tournament
(I am sure you will be walking cross-country to those or maybe taking that
newfangled "Iron Horse")......the third "electronic tub" helps share those
BLOCKS with the other team.  The really nifty thing about these new
electronic tubs is you can do your research, write the blocks, and store the
blocks all in a small space....Its pretty crazy.

I am sure you have spurned all technology and live exclusively by the
unibomber manifesto, so your fears of "laptops" actually being robots makes
some sense.

Of course if you are right maybe we will all have cute little cyborg
debaters soon....awwwwwww


On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 2:23 AM, stephen davis <proudsavage at gmail.com>wrote:

> Heidegger would be pissed.
> I like this idea, i think there are lot of things that could be
> semi-automated that would make all of our lives a lot easier provided that
> we've got the cash.  For instance: why haven't we taught computers to flow
> for us yet? i mean why are we even traveling when really debate could happen
> over real time feeds on the interwebs. or even in email... i could judge
> debates from here provided i got a hold of the right software.  i really
> dont know why we would stop at robot judges. why dont we write programming
> that will simulate debaters  and will produce args that coaches write and
> the robots can just download into the mainframe in Jim Hansons basement. its
> uncanny to me that any poor misguided fools ever thought of debate as
> something of an organic process wherein people do stuff... doin stuff is,
> thanks to this innovation, totally over rated. everyone knows all the best
> stuff is made by robots. why wouldn't the best debate be made  by robots.
> if someone misses the viceral and corporeal they could prolly grow vocal
> cords in a lab and hook them up to a talking machine or something... this is
> great... whitman should be applauded for this feat... in ten years debate
> will be a software writers job that could foster another tech boom and save
> us all from having to think and act in accordance with those thoughts so we
> can have more time to cook crystal meth and pretend that anybody cares that
> paper is obsolete in walla walla... cant wait till unsliced bread comes out
> and disposible television  and rice crispies without all that annoying
> cracking and popping...  ROBOT WARS... the new debate, like pink is the new
> orange and black is the new president...  im excited, but am wholly
> unsurprised,  ive come to expect such ground breaking innovations from a
> team as cutting edge as whitman and im happy that this particular innovation
> will pave the way for more stuff that no one cares about...
> repectfully,
> Stephen M. Davis
> Towson University
> Debate Coach
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