[eDebate] A need to revisit the Novice eligibility rule

Kris Willis kristopherwillis
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I agree with Tim. I am a proponent of "moving" people along in divisions, but I will always maintain that if someone is keeping a debater in a division and willing to sacrifice the points, then their intention is probably a good one and as the coach they would be better suited to make that judgement.


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 Why not just give up the CEDA points and let this person debate in novice?

Justin referred to it as an "oversight" but way back when I spent time discussing these issues and worked on such a rule the wording was intentional for exactly this reason. If a director thinks their students are better served by remaining in novice they should have the option of doing so. The price they pay which should reduce abuse is letting directors put the interest of their students above a few ceda points.


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First, let me publicly admit to CEDA President Darren Elliott that I was wrong,
and that Jackie Massey was wrong. There appears to be a jump on novice
participation, based on GSU entires (not a representative sample, though). So,
ya got me. I knew something was out of whack in the universe when I agreed with

That being said,

I had a student quit debating this week. Why? Because no JV debater on my team
would debate with him. It is mean. It is not what we would want. But, if you
were in their shoes, would you put in the amount of work necessary to win JV,
knowing that it is inevitable that you will lose?

This student has some issues that make it difficult, if not impossible to
achieve success in JV, and never in varsity. Under the old rules, he would have
had a semester of novice eligibility. He would have had another semester to
attempt debate. In the current system, he is in JV and he ends up quitting.

I do not know the solution. I have no "plan" or "solvency." I just think we need
to rethink our ideas concerning the goals of this organization and whether our
policies concerning novice eligibility serve the pedagogical goals of CEDA.

G--dammmit...Jackie's evil Kritik theories are starting to rub off on me.


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