[eDebate] Lunch with John Zogby - Q & A

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Tue Sep 30 20:19:33 CDT 2008

Are these "reports" from a Zogby Q & A going to be used as cards in rounds to
support another shitty Elections disad link story, or is this merely
information to inform the community? My concern stems from previous attempts of
people to post garbage gleaned from carefully worded questions on e-debate in an
effot to gain some sense of "it was published" as an excuse to run bad evidence
in debate rounds.

I appreciate the information, but I really do wonder whether I need to call Mary
Landrieu (Dem. Senator, La.) ask some quick questions on "the record," in order
to beat back these "cards."

Scott Elliott

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