[eDebate] feedback on twitter and other tech things

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Apr 1 09:31:38 CDT 2009

some time during the ndt i changed our teams twitter feed to an ndt twitter
thread and started updating all the info i could get my hands on and asking
others to do the same by tagging their ndt tweets with  "#ndt" the # is the
twitter tagging tool and lets you see all the things that are about that
regardless of who you are ollowing and who is following you, i also posted a
bracket as a google spreadsheet which allowed real time updates and ongoing
chat room style conversation...neither of these things where planned out in
advance and where simply thing i realized because of the alternate use time
mpj provides some judges....i wonder what people thought, think, or envision
for such an idea...this evening i will put out more information about how i
think thi could work for future ndt's or other tournaments but i wanted to
start a discussion and get some feedback on how people thought the
experiment worked....here is my brief response...it is easy enough to allow
the users to dissemeinate the information that the tab room is to busy to
send out in real time, everybody knows bits of this information and by
combining what we have all know nd have recorded on our computers we can
create a information system which is 1 part helpful for teams there 1 part
informative for people following at home and 1 part fun....1 thing i didnt
do which i could have was to send out through debate twit the info that was
being posted by the tab room, it was not my intention to create competing
information channels, though it may have had that appearence this
weekend....anyway thoughts nd feedback would be appreciated...
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