[eDebate] Alternative Debate Workshop! Call of the Loon!

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Wed Apr 1 11:27:16 CDT 2009

Dates    June 12-21, 2009  (during NFL Nats)

The Call of The Loon!

You can?t have a Revolution in a hotel room!

The idea for an alternative debate workshop has spawned from the previous slogan.  I have been teaching at workshops for many years, and I have always felt constrained by the way your traditional workshop functions.  The rush to put out files, have lectures and produce practice debates does not seem to function very well when trying to learn alternative styles of debate.  Now when I say ?alternative?, I mean in content and form.  Debate is changing, and you should not get caught refusing to change.  Debate is also what we make it, and that is why I think we need a workshop so people can exchange ideas, methods and strategies for debating differently. I am willing to share all of the knowledge we have gained about debating differently at OU with those who wish to attend.  I hope others will share some of their knowledge with me.   To make sure this happens, I have made an agreement for Toni Nielsen (from Cal Fullerton) to also be on staff.  This is exciting because she has much to teach me.  If you want to not debate the traditional ?policy? style of debate, you should consider attending.  The cost will be 750.00.  This includes home-cooked food, three meals a day, and other evening snacks.    The location is Loon Lake, in upstate New York.  The lodging will be very rustic with a focus on minimal ecological impact.  If coaches would like to attend with students, we will have a coaches guest fee.  (this depends on space)

This is for college debaters on only.  You must be at least 18 years of age for liability reasons.

A few of the things we will discuss!

How to debate framework!
The tricks of the perm!
The Flow  (gameboard)! To do or not to do!
Constructing critical affirmative and negative arguments!
Utilizing specific authors in debate ? Nietzsche, Agamben, Churchill (had to throw that in), Heidegger, Potter!

The point of the workshop is for you to leave with knowledge that nobody can take away from you.  Knowledge that is in your head, not on paper.  You will leave with stuff on paper, but the how to is what is most important.

I cant say more about how excited I am for this workshop.  Don?t settle for that K lab at the other workshops, come share your knowledge at camp focused on finding the bets methods to engage in your own style of debate.  

You should not try and fit a square peg in around hole, you never have to fit into a hole in the first place.  Not everyone is made for policy debate with plans and counter-plans, come to the Call of the Loon so you can define your own style of debate.

For questions concerning content of the workshop, contact:  soonerdebate at gmail.com

For questions about the administration of the camp ? (paying etc) contact: nicole.colston at gmail.com

We only have 15 more slots available.  The camp can only have 20 students.  (not and advertising ploy, -- the truh)


Jackie Massey

PS - Obviously we will do things like hiking, maybe camping, backpacking, bonfires, fishing, smores and games such as scrabble, risk, and axis and allies.

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