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Blake Johnson blakejohnson
Wed Apr 1 18:24:48 CDT 2009


Please share this email with any former debaters you know at law school...

I am writing on behalf of the the National Association for Urban
Debate Leagues (NAUDL) to tell you about a pro bono public interest
fellowship the NAUDL is offering to associates who are deferring their
start dates.

We are looking for former debaters who are 3Ls who had placements at
firms that have been deferred to apply for this fellowship

The NAUDL, based in Chicago, builds and supports academic debate
programs for urban students across the country.  Academic debate is an
activity with a strong affinity for the law.  Participating students
spend hundreds of hours learning about and discussing complex policy
issues as they learn the ins and outs of law making and government.
To be successful, debaters must master skills such as advanced
research, often in law reviews; communication; persuasion and
advocacy; critical thinking and problem solving; and a variety of
other skills relevant to the legal profession.

Unfortunately, this activity has rarely been available to students of
color and women in urban schools until urban debate.  The NAUDL, in
partnership with many law firms and law schools across the country,
brings debate to a generation of diverse students.  We are all
familiar with the fact that students in urban schools often may not
otherwise be prepared for college, law school, and the legal
profession.  But through debate, students raise their test scores,
GPAs, and interest in school, and subsequently enter college at a rate
near 75%.  They also gain an affinity with the legal process and
connections with supporters of urban debate who are lawyers, paving
the way for entering the legal profession.
We are seeking deferred associations for pro bono work centered on
legal research and writing, advocacy, non-profit governance issues,
and policy development.  Please see the attached to learn more.

If you believe a recent hire at your firm might be interested in this
fellowship, or if you would like to learn more, please contact Eric
Tucker at the NAUDL at EricTucker at urbandebate.org or 312-771-1816.

Blake Johnson
Executive Director
Bay Area Urban Debate League
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