[eDebate] CEDA and NDT Thanks and Congrats

Beth Skinner beth.skinner
Thu Apr 2 09:24:46 CDT 2009

Lots of folks in Pocatello and Austin did great work hosting.  It helps
everyone to have a more relaxed end to their season when all the logistics
work smoothly and that was the case in both places.  A daunting amount of
work goes into creating the appearance of ease so thanks to Sarah and Joel,
their students, fans and administrations for setting high standards for
future nationals.  Special thanks also to the tabroom staff at each
tournament.  These folks know how much nationals means for everyone from the
newest novice to the debater finishing her career.  The care, precision and
efficiency of the folks who take on this responsibility is something we can
all appreciate.

Congrats to everyone who competed.  Only those who deserve it get to go to
nationals.  Even if you're a brand new debater and didn't win a single
ballot, your coach decided that your talent and promise justified spending
thousands of dollars to get you there.  You did something to demonstrate
that talent.  Special appreciation to the debaters who have given so much of
themselves to attaining excellence in this activity.  Sometimes all that
giving makes us less than we could be in terms of caring and respect for
others but 2009 shows thats not always the case.  Oklahoma and Kansas were
at the top of their games this last month and its nice to see good people do


p.s. looking forward to 2010 in the Bay Area
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