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Adam Jackson baltimoredebate
Thu Apr 2 15:06:31 CDT 2009

You know what debate community? I need some info.
For the past three years of my participation in college debate, I have come
to realize something.

I know very little about Black History in debate (outside of people randomly
talking to each other about it, or mere myths that are perpetuated over

So I want you all to help me out with some names and programs of some folks
who have won the awards listed at the bottom. Please correct me if I'm

Black Top Speakers at CEDA:
Elizabeth Jones, UofL, 2004
Dayvon Love, Towson, 2009

Black Top Speakers at the NDT:

First Black Person to Win CEDA:
Rashad Evans with Sarah Holbrook, West Georgia, (dont know year)

All Black Team Champions at CEDA:
Dayvon Love and Deven Cooper, Towson, 2008

Black Champions at the NDT:

First All Black Team to Qualify for NDT:

First Black Team to Qualify for Elimination Rounds at CEDA:

First Black Team to Qualify for Elimination Rounds at NDT:

Also, it would be useful if someone knows the first black top speakers and
teams at these tournaments as well (since they're so prestigious):
West Georgia
Wake Forest
Cal Swings
West Georgia
JV/Novice Nats

Thank you and any info is much appreciated.
Adam J. Jackson
Towson Debate...All Day
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