[eDebate] ede warner is "the key"

Old Strega oldstrega
Fri Apr 3 10:18:02 CDT 2009

in my history of black c-x debate, i don't know if calling keys is the best idea but ede was the 'best competitor' with the set-up y'all got going on.   he challenged the process of debate to the max and his arguments, in my opinion, went unanswered.    the inability of the debate community to offer more than token opportunities for blacks despite their inclusive liberal rhetoric drove ede, 'the key', elsewhere.  hypocrisy and a lack of critical thinking ability amongst the collegiate debate community is the 'key argument' from the 'key figure' in black debate history.   ede's posts in the edebate archives are partial proof of the 'key failures' of c-x over the years.     cull those and show me the good answers to ede's arguments?   ede don't need a teleprompter cuz he can speak for himself and ede ain't a yes man.
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