[eDebate] Can you sound good AND cover?

Timmons, Aaron timmonsa
Fri Apr 3 14:05:42 CDT 2009


I am looking for some videos of past debaters that were competitively successful yet had a balance of technical ability AND still understood the value of persuasion. There have been great ones over the years that have had that balance.  High schools students have a two or three year span of who they see as ?the great ones?. That perspective is limited. I would like to use the videos/DVD to show them others that have come before.

While this list is CERTAINLY not exclusive, a few folks in recent years that come to mind include:

Andy Ryan (I know someone has a copy of his speech given in the quarters of the NDT in 2001 against West Georgia that may have been the best 2AR I have seen.  A copy of that gets you $100!)
Tristan Morales
Michael Klinger
Ara Lovitt
Kate Shuster
Mike Gottlieb
Alex Berger
Ryan Goodman
Ryan Sparacino
Corey Rayburn
Josh Branson
Stacy Nathan
Randy Luskey

I know this leave a bunch of people out that I didn?t see personally.  My intent is not to offend. Rather it is an attempt so I could get my young folks to model  the balance of tech vs. persuasion. Make other suggestions if you have them.

I will pay for costs of duplication. If you are in possession of (or know who I can contact) please email me at timmonsa at greenhill.org.

If I get several videos I will donate copies to the NDCA.

Thanks in advance.

Aaron Timmons
Greenhill School

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