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Mon Apr 6 10:51:22 CDT 2009

Poly Prep is looking for Math and Physics teachers to wants to fill that vacancy with a?debate coach.? The school is in Brooklyn, NY?and I have attached the letter below.? Please contact me or Shawn Watts directly about filling the vacancy.

Kurt Shelton
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From: Shawn Watts swatts at PolyPrep.org

I have talked to the school administration.? So far, we have an opening in math and another in physics.? The school is also open to having a coach who just works with the team after school, but isn't a teacher.? A college debater in the area would be perfect for a person just working after school.

For someone seeking a teaching position I can tell you that the pay is competitive and comes with health, dental, and TIAA CREF retirement benefits.? The debate position comes with a stipend in addition to the base salary.

The team will have 8 returning sophomore/juniors who are dedicated to debate.? They work hard and are very bright.? Each of them are going to at least a 3 week workshop this summer.? So, they'll come in raring to go.? They want to win and the school is absolutely supportive of travel and tournaments.? In the long term, the school is open to offering debate as a class and expanding the program to the middle school as a way to feed the varsity program.

We had a good amount of success this year, especially given that none of them had ever done policy before.? Next year, because they'll have had a year of policy under their belts and because they'll all come in having been to a workshop, they'll be much better.? I am looking for someone who is willing to dedicate themselves to building the program and continuing its success.? 

Please, let anyone and everyone that you think would be interested know that the job is available.? I am hoping to fill the position soon so that I can tell the debaters I have a coach in place for them when I tell them that I am leaving.

Thank you all for being so welcoming and supportive of me and Poly's program this year.? I have greatly appreciated your help.? I am sorry to be leaving.? I've never enjoyed working somewhere as much as I've enjoyed Poly.? At the same time, the opportunity to attend Cornell on scholarship is too good to pass up.

Thank you all,

Shawn Watts

Director of Debate

Poly Prep Country Day School

?(7... ext. 6580

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