[eDebate] Call for articles: critical perspectives on agriculture

matt stannard stannardmatt
Mon Apr 6 11:35:56 CDT 2009

Instead of just archiving or throwing away some incredibly interesting research about the relationship of ag policy to society, life, power and capital, now you can turn your 1ACs and 1NCs into essays and articles which we will publish at Shared Sacrifice, an online journal of progressive politics and culture.  


Arguments should be re-written as academic or political (polemical?) essays; the vast majority of prose should be your own, but you may quote and cite as needed.  We'll edit for mechanics, citation protocol, and clarity.  Multiple authors welcome.


We'd like to devote an entire edition to critical perspectives on agriculture and have plenty of room for whatever articles we get.  So please email them to stannard at sharedsacrifice.us by May 1.  


matt stannard



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