[eDebate] Looking for something to do now that the season is done?

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Apr 6 12:35:55 CDT 2009

YOURS is a Baltimore MD community organization that is focused on empowering
youth as the catalyst for community led urban revitalization. Not only is
community led urban revitalization a potently good argument on next year's
high school topic, it is also a necessary process for cites trying to
survive in the face of economic crisis. If this piques your interest even
the slightest bit and you are looking for something to put your energies
toward now that the season is over, we have a relativly easy volunteer task
that will help you learn about what we can do and us learn about what we can
do to better conevey our message.
http://bmoreyours.org/2009/04/web-volunteers-needed/ will take you to a link
about a way that you can volunteer, simply look through our stuff and give
us some feedback. We love the feedback from debaters because in addition to
looking at a whole lot of websites in your debate research, you also provide
concise and action oriented criticisms....so if you have a moment check it
out let us know what you think, and help us use this platform to spread our
message of youth led community revitalization in Baltimore and beyond. Here
is the link to the main site http://www.bmoreisyours.org.

Thank you in advance

Andy Ellis
Chief Operating Officer
Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems
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