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transcripts already exist.    if someone will provide with me any ndt final transcription, back when they were transcribed, i will provide an example of the analysis mentioned starting with a concentration on speed as masking for filler.   the final rubenstein won with his partner for redlands in san antonio would be great.   or how bout a gordon mitchell final assuming they transcribed way back then?
if you are genuinely interested, it's not really much work to obtain an existing transcript and compare the quality of the speech to great historical examples like "i have a dream" or numerous others.       or possibly we could look at the transcripts and imagine how terrible "i have a dream" would sound if thoughtless NDT habits were intermixed with MLK's mastery of style.
of course, i understand the difference in the setting of "i have a dream" and a contest round.   style is a mobile skill.    c-x debaters can learn from great speeches made in other contexts to improve their own speaking.   c-x debaters are curiously ignorant of the history of the art of rhetoric which goes back to ancient egypt reaching high points in the old kingdom, pre-hellenic ancient greece, the italian renaissance and elizabethan england.
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