[eDebate] Inspiring the 2A to go for theory

brian rubaie brubaie
Mon Apr 6 19:16:54 CDT 2009

I've followed the discussion about states CPs the whole way through and
really enjoyed it. I agree with JP and Kade that 2As have to stand up for
themselves. However, the main reason I (and probably others) are reluctant
to do so is what Scott accurately termed "judge bias against theory."
I wanted to follow Scott's message with a plea to judges to update their
philosophy to more accurately reflect their current theory biases. There are
few feelings more frustrating than hearing someone say "I will never vote on
(X) being bad" after you have devoted time before the tournament and before
the round to weighing the risk of making a particular theory argument. If
more judges posted their thoughts on *strong* theory biases and 2As decide
not to follow along/capitalize then they deserved to lose from the start.
Adding detail to a judge philosophy increases the odds that the AFF will
take risks and the NEG will adapt.
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