[eDebate] KSU Debate GTA Assistantship Opportunity

Justin Green jmgreen
Tue Apr 7 17:20:41 CDT 2009

Seniors, your procrastination has finally paid off.

With our funding levels higher than expected, KSU is now able to offer
an additional Debate GTA spot for the 2009-10 year.  Those interested
should act quickly.

What you get:
1 free tuition in graduate school - Comm Studies is expected, but if
you have interest in another field, you can contact us as well - just
a little bit trickier process.
2 $10,000 stipend your first year $11,000 your second
3 live in a town with insanely low housing and drinking costs - 16
bars in a 3 block radius from campus
4 hang out with the incredibly enjoyable KSU team

What you are expected to do:
1 teach public speaking - you will get TEVALS - great for future
teaching situations, you need to be a person who can show up
2 coach the KSU debate team - we graduated ZERO seniors - had 3 teams
break at CEDA another at the NDT.  We have novice, jv, varsity -
politics, politiks, discoursky, project, identity, counterplan,
topicality and/or several other yet to be appropriately categorized
debaters.  You got a specialty, we can use it.  You like telling
debaters what they can do better and are willing to work with anyone -
then you are awesome and we really want you.  Our motto is "we help
debaters become the best at what they do best, not what we tell them."
3 joke, have fun, enjoy debate - everyone from our best to our least
performing debater you will have an opportunity to work with.  We are
a family.  We work hard, and afterwards, play hard and have fun doing
both.  Grumpy-pants, drama-kingsandqueens, and total slackers won't
fit in well.
4 seek your degree

Our squad is diverse and we seek more diversity in all of its
manifestations.  I'd run through the categories, but I don't really
like them and we have too many combinations for me to list.

Our list of alumni who currently coach/direct: Eric Morris, Eric
Marlow, Scott Herndon, Doug Robidoux, and many others.  We have
several alumns who have gone on to non-debate successes as well.  We
have landed students at the following graduate schools for PhD in COMM
after obtiaining their Master's degrees at KSU........Iowa, Indiana,
Texas, Pittsburgh, Northwestern, and that school up the road on I-70
:)  We also have had two recent graduates make it into law schools
that they would not have gotten into after their undergraduate because
they had a Masters Degree and performed well.

If you are interested, email (jmgreen at ksu.edu) and the process can get started.

On behalf of KSU Debate,

Justin Green

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